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Great News! Teenpreneurs can sign-up to get a headstart on Round 1: The Kickstart Challenge!

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You can use this page to sign-up as a supporter or to take part in challenge 1. 

The Kickstart Challenge

There are 7 rounds in the Global Teenpreneur Challenge. Your first round is the Kickstart Challenge. In this round, you’ll need to think about who can support you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Building a network of backers and supporters is essential to the success of every entrepreneur. Your backers might be your family, your friends or anyone that you know within your community or personal network.

Your Journey Starts here...

Fill in the application form

To take part in the Global Teenpreneur Challenge, you’ll need your parent or guardian’s consent. Your parent or guardian will need to submit all application & consent forms before you can join any online workshops.

Download your Roadmap

When you reach your first milestone with 10 points, you’ll get the Roadmap to the competition. This will show you exactly what to expect in each round.  You’ll also get tips on how to ‘work smart and not hard’ at each stage.

Discover some useful apps

Once you reach 20 points in the round, you’ll be able to move to Round 2. You’ll also get the free download “77 Tools, Apps & Resources” This resource will come in useful when you’re developing and launching your product or service. 

Give yourself a head start!

You only need 20 points to move to Round 2. If you’re able to get 30 points, you’ll get the bonus “101 buzzwords to improve your investor pitch”. There is a bonus for anyone who gets over 40 points… All will be revealed in Round 2!





Your Target

Your goal in the Kickstart Challenge is to get as many backers as possible, you’ll need at least 20 backers to make it to Round 2. 

Could you be the next
Global Teenpreneur?

Pitch Your Idea

We'll show you how to test & validate your business ideas. You'll learn how to create the perfect elevator pitch. You'll also learn how to present your idea in a way that is compelling to your investors and backers.

Launch Your Product or idea!

You'll learn how to get everyone's attention and set up a marketing campaign and launch your product or service so that customers are lining up to buy from or invest in you!

Develop Your Digital Skills

You'll learn how to develop a website and how to create digital content eg. a video or animation to showcase your product and gets people excited about supporting you.

Complete the Challenges

You'll have a total of 7 challenges where you can collect points for yourself or for your team. The team businesses and individual businesses with the highest points will present to the judging panel in round 7.

Build Your Team or Go Solo!

You'll learn about your strengths and how to lead your team so that everyone plays to their strengths. Teams can be made up of 2-5 people or you can choose to work on independently.

Win one of the Cash Prizes!

We have cash prizes of up to £5000 ($6500 USD) for the winning teams! We also have a number of runner-up prizes! Additional prizes will be announced as we move into each round!

Will you walk away with one of the cash prizes?

If you’re thinking of signing up to the Global Teenpreneur Challenge, click on the link below to find out more.

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